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the ability of ensure adequate energy supply

south open-pit coal mine has a simple geological structure, shallow buried thick coal seam and, stable and huge reserves.
the designed capacity of south open-pit coal mine for phase i is 10 million tons/year, phase ii 20 million tons/year. the design concept is green, digital and intelligent. now tbea has invested nearly 3 billion rmb to build million-tons open-pit coal mine production system. the surface production system act as an very important role of the production system: the ground production system mainly includes the crushing, storage, rail loading, auto loading and belt conveyor transportation production. loading part includes two parts, the turn between train and truck station. tbea has a train station including the buffer warehouse, quantitative warehouse, steel structure, sampling system, hydraulic system and control system with loading capacity of 5000 t/h. the gondola car just need 40 seconds single section loading time. the rail loading capacity is 10 mt/a. and tbea also have two fast-loading stations for trucks. the station bin has the capacity of 200 t. the warehouse has a loading gate with auto loading operations and set up a digital truck scale for measuring. the loading capacity of 1500 t/h. within 8 minutes we can complete 100 ton truck shipment.

green mining

the surface production system with the capacity of 100 billion tons

automatic loading system


the items can be carried out: total moisture determination, determination of moisture, ash content, calorific value determination, determination of total sulfur and hydrocarbon and ash melting sex determination.

ic card management

silo quick loading system

professional technical team

testing equipment

blast air drying oven

intelligent muffle furnace


in order to create green coal mine, the mine has a closed ground production system and the coal storage silo with over 58000 trees and green area of 23 hectares, to create green mines.

belt corridor: safe, environmental protection, energy saving . the coal conveying corridor have the ability to deliver 3000 tons per hour to guarantee the coal conveying requirements to reduce procurement costs and to achieve win-win purpose.

public transportation:saving time, reducing the risk of loss of goods, reducing the number of traffic accidents, ease traffic pressure;saving freight cost;reducing the transportation pressure on road;driving the regional economic growth;reducing the amount of pollution on the natural environment;

belt corridor

belt corridor

train line

loading of the container

train full of containers leaving the mine