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renewable energy

new-energy power generation is renewable, available for sustainable use, environmental friendly, etc., so it is one of the important measures for environmental governance and ecological protection, and also the final energy option to meet the sustainable development needs of human society. as an excellent green wisdom energy service provider in the world, tbea specializes in providing excellent solutions and improving energy efficiency for clients in the new energy industry. tbea has built china's only complete set of electric power and energy industry chain, covering coal, polysilicon, silicon wafer, component, grid inverter, static var generator, and photovoltaic power station. it has perfect core business ability of epc project construction and services as well as project resource development and bot, with business areas involved in the whole process of development, engineering consulting, design, construction, debugging, operation and maintenance, product after-sales service of wind and photovoltaic power stations. it is highly experienced in construction of large desert power stations, mountain power stations, fishing-solar/wind-solar/farming-solar complementary power stations, and commercial/ residential roof power stations, and commonly recognized by virtue of its services with optimal design, fast construction, high efficiency, and reliable quality.

typical cases in wind power

xinjiang turpan xiaocao lake 100mw wind-solar complementary power project (china)

xinjiang hami jingxia 200mw wind power project (china)

gansu minqin hongshagang 100mw wind power project (china)

xinjiang hami hongxing farm 100mw wind power project (china)

xinjiang jimunai 50mw wind power project phase 1(china)

typical cases in photovoltaic power

punjab 100mw project (pakistan)

spic ningxia sun mountain 30mw photovoltaic project (china)

xinjiang hami southeast mountain pass 150mw photovoltaic project (china)

jiangxi poyang lake 100mw fishing-solar complementary photovoltaic power project (china)

qinghai golmud 50mw energy storage power station (china)

  • located in quaid-e-azam pv area bahawalpur pakistan, 100mwp solar photovoltaic power station, with an area of 500 acres, is the country's first large-scale solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project. it enjoys the world's highest solar radiation value (5-7kwh per square meter), and the regional advantage of 3,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year. tbea provided the project with the epc and o&m services, and was praised and affirmed by the china and pakistan leaders by virtue of its fast construction and high quality.
  • 30mwp project of spic ningxia sun mountain photovoltaic grid-connected power station phase 1 covers an area of 70 hm2. on september 12, 2012, its output load reached 31.27mwp, higher than its design value and a new record of output load since it was put into operation. its various technical indicators ranked the top among the photovoltaic power stations of the same type in ningxia. this project won the 2013 annual quality project award for electric power industrial enterprise.
  • this 150mw project is located in the gobi area on the southeast of hami, which is abundant for light resources, but complicated in geological conditions. with 10 photovoltaic arrays with adjustable brackets and 115 with fixed brackets, the project is equipped with a total of 529,202 photovoltaic modules. all photovoltaic arrays adopt the operation mode with the optimal tilt angle of 40° and have 6 output lines of 35kv directly connected to the 220kv substation in photovoltaic park. with the expected average annual output of about 230.4097 million kwh, the project can save about 74,000 tons of standard coal, and reduce soot emissions by about 997.6 tons, no2 emissions by about 852.3 tons, co emissions by about 19.4 tons, co2 emissions of about 222,000 tons per year during the operation period.
  • located in raofeng town, poyang county, jiangxi province, this project covers an area of 3,000 mu and is installed with about 46,000 polycrystalline photovoltaic modules. after the project is connected to the power grid, it has the average annual output of 123.3 million kilowatts, is expected to save about 43,033 tons of standard coal averagely a year, and can reduce co2 emissions by about 100,370 tons per year. the project was developed in combination with the modern fishery, and mutually complementary between fishing and solar, integrating photovoltaic power and breeding aquatic products, so it is a beneficial attempt to combine agricultural production. as one of the important new photovoltaic systematic projects, it can not only greatly improve the utilization efficiency of water resources, economic value per unit area of land, and land productivity, but also play a good demonstration role for combined development of comprehensive utilization of land and new energy industry.
  • as the first domestic large-scale energy storage power station in desert, golmud times new energy 50mwp grid-connected photovoltaic power station adopted the most advanced design concept, combined with the high-percentage peak-avoiding grid-connecting control technology for photovoltaic power stations in the area with discarding solar and limiting power generation, used the intelligent energy management system, so as to realize the symmetric linkage and reasonable allocation of energy from the photovoltaic power station and ensure the high percentage of grid connecting of the photovoltaic power station under the condition of limited power generation. the combination of energy storage system and photovoltaic system can effectively compensate and inhibit the randomness, intermittent and instability of photovoltaic power generation, and play an important role in improving the quality of photovoltaic power generation, assisting the power grid in peak shaving, smoothening the output power, and increasing the stability of power grid. under the current background of relatively seriously discarding solar and limiting power generation in the northwest china, golmud times new energy 50mwp grid-connected photovoltaic power station took the lead in applying energy storage system which can prevent the station from losing more than 7% of its generating revenue a year and bring good economic benefits to the enterprise.