white carbon black

have a wide range of applications in rubber, coating, adhesive, paint, printing ink, plastics, cosmetics, agriculture, medicine and other fields, and have the functions of reinforcement, thickening, thixotropy, extinction, uv resistance, sterilization, and so on;

it is a white, non-toxic, tasteless, amorphous inorganic fine chemical product produced by hydrolyzing chlorosilane at hydrogen and oxygen flame high temperature. the average primary particle size is about 7 ~ 40 nm; aggregate particle size is about 200 ~ 500 nm; specific surface area is 50 ~ 380m2 / g; the product has high purity, and sio2 content is more than 99.8%, with the features of small particle size, large specific surface area, and high surface activity;
parameter range:

the product: specific surface area: 200 ± 15m2 / g, ph value: 3.8~4.3; dry reduction is less than 1%; sio2 content is more than 99.8%;

iso (international standards organization) and other technical standard.
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white carbon black(aerosil)

  • white carbon black(aerosil)