cable accessories

mainly applied in high voltage cable line of electric power system such as urban power network reconstruction, large-scale water & nuclear power project construction, etc to realize connection of high voltage cable to electric power equipment including transformer, gis equipment and other power equipment connection of high -voltage cable line with overhead network, and connection between high voltage cables.

products with excellent quality, stable performance, good reputation, while its refined, miniaturization, green design concept has been widely recognized by the industry. in actual operations, it has the advantages of reliable operation, maintenance-free, easy installation and maintenance, etc.
parameter range:

66kv~500kv full range of products of various models.

technical standard such as iec (international).
main products

yjjji 290/500kv 1×800-1×2500

yjzgg-s 290/500kv 1×800-1×2500

yjzwc4 290/500kv 1×800-1×2500

  • yjjji 290/500kv 1×800-1×2500 (prefabricated intermediate insulation joint)
  • yjzgg-s 290/500kv 1×800-1×2500 (gis termination)
  • yjzwc4 290/500kv 1×800-1×2500 (outdoor termination)