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what is your questions ?



what is your questions ?

answers to common questions

what are factories of tbea to produce transformer products?

there are 4 factories, which are respectively tbea shenyang transformer group co., ltd., tbea hengyang transformer co., ltd., xinjiang transformer plant of tbea co., ltd. and tianjin tbea transformer co., ltd. at the same time, tbea shandong shenbian electrical equipment co., ltd., tbea southwest electrical engineering co., ltd. and tbea energy (india) co., ltd. are involved in transformer business.

how to handle single-phase grounding fault in cable line?

answer: in general, as for single-phase grounding fault in cable line, the damage of cable conductor is local. in case it belongs to mechanical damage and the soil near fault point is relatively dry, local repair can be carried out. only one false contact will be added and it is unnecessary to saw off the cable core and the fault point will be sealed after insulation reinforcement.

what are requirements for resistance of cable conductor connection points?

answer: the resistance of connection points is required to be low and stable. as for newly erected terminal head and medium terminal, the proportion between resistance of connection points and conductor with the same length and same cross section shall not exceed 1; as for terminal head and medium terminal in operation, this proportion shall be no more than 1.2.

what are dangers of sudden short circuit on transformer?

answer: when the transformer is operated at rated voltage at one time and sudden short circuit happens to secondary terminal, short circuit current heavy and the value can be up to 20 to 30 times of rated current (multiple of transformer with small capacity is small and multiple of transformer with large capacity is large).strong short circuit current will cause huge electromagnetic force. as for large transformer, the radial pressure on the surface of cylinder along the whole coil may be up to hundreds of tons and the radial pressure in the place bearing the maximum pressure in the middle along the axial direction may be up to hundreds of tons as well. therefore, the coil may be deformed, broken and even damaged. short circuit current may increase coil loss and cause serious heating. therefore, the temperature rises rapidly and thus reduces insulating strength and mechanical strength of coil. in case no prompt protection is provided and no power supply is cut off, the transformer may be burnt.

which factory of tbea produces inverter?

tbea xi’an electric technology co., ltd. is mainly responsible for development, production and sales of 3kw-2000kw whole series of grid-connected inverter.