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application of tbea’s first industrial svg in largest oil company in australia


at present, the tbea’s first set industrial svg is successfully put into operation of the enerflex compressor llp compressor switchroom project for santos, the largest oil & gas company in australia. the pressurized pump system motor of this project starts at full load and at full speed through the systematic performance and quality control, to solve the fluctuation of starting voltage completely.
enerflex compressor llp compressor switchroom project site
the enerflex compressor llp compressor switchroom project of santos is located in the desert climate, and the maximum temperature of the site is up to 48℃. according to the requirement of oil exploitation on site, the project is equipped with two abb pressurized pump systems. of which, the one is provided with the 950kw motor, and the other is provided with the 650kw motor, and they are equipped with the corresponding allen-bradley soft start device. however, for this project is located in the remote area and it belongs to the end of the power grid, the system voltage is dramatically lowered when the motor starts, which results in the motor startup failure. furthermore, the voltage instability problem frequently occurs due to the load fluctuation, which causes that the oil & gas equipment cannot operate normally.
tbea’s tsvg-2/3.3-c products
tbea builds the reliable and safe power quality improvement solution for the petrochemical industry by means of many years of technical and design experience in the field of high voltage power quality. according to the problems and requirements of power quality for the santos's equipment on the construction site, tbea provides the air-cooled tsvg-2/3.3-c scheme for this project. after it is put into operation for one time, the svg operates in the constant voltage mode, and the system voltage is stabilized within the deviation ±0.5%. the pressurized pump system motor achieves the full speed start and reaches its rated speed within 12s by the test through fluke 435. when the motor starts and stops, the amplitude and duration of the grid voltage fluctuation is reduced by 90% compared with the previous one, and the svg network operation stabilizes the 33kv bus voltage of the whole oil and gas field.
in recent years, with the continuous development of petrochemical industry, the continuous construction of the large scale petroleum refining project and the large scale chemical production projects continue to build, and the special environment of petrochemical production cause the extreme high requirements for the stability of electrical system. it can improve the stability and reliability of the power quality of the electric equipment during the exploitation, smelting and processing of oil and natural gas through the power quality control, so as to obviously improve the production and operation efficiency, and effectively reduce the production cost.
tbea focuses on the development of a full range of tsvg products in the field of power quality control, and completes the 3kv-35kv/1-120mvar full range of high-voltage tsvg products. the product system adopts the high-voltage chain topology, and it takes the first air-cooled veneer full-encapsulation scheme in the industry by means of the advanced system architecture and control strategy, and improves the online operation rate of svg to be more than 99% in the harsh environment, so as to provide the system solutions for the environment with frequent load changes, such as the new energy generation, iron & steel and rail transit. at present, the cumulative global performance of tsvg products is over 4gvar worldwide.