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tbea in intersolar europe 2023 | digital and smart pv storage solutions, building greener and better future


intersolar europe, the world's largest specialized exhibition and trade fair of the solar industry with the reputation of a “wind vane” for technology and market, was held from june 14 to june 16 in munich, germany, attracting about 1500 photovoltaic enterprises and industry institutions from more than 50 countries around the world. tbea sunoasis co., ltd showcased its brand-new pv storage solution themed “digital and smart pv storage leading to zero carbon”, at its new energy booth circled by large, bustling crowds coming for consultations.

intelligent pv system solutions for large-scale power plants: improved levelized cost of energy (lcoe)

as the application scenarios of photovoltaic products are getting more diversified and complex, , tbea sunoasis has been continuously optimizing its product portfolio and introduced better lcoe solutions for ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants. on the first day of the exhibition, tbea sunoasis presented its self-developed new generation string solar inverter ts360ktl-hv-c1, with a long-term overload capacity of 1.1 times and maximum output power up to 363 kw. the excellent heat dissipation design provides the inverter with a more robust output capacity under high temperatures and the new dc string intelligent disconnection function allows millisecond-level automatic disconnection when a fault occurs to protect the inverter and its components. economical, efficient, grid-friendly, safe, reliable, with intelligent operations and maintenance functions,  , the new generation string inverter ts360ktl-hv-c1 brings customers a better product experience.

the new generation modular 4.4mw/8.8mw pv integrated boost inverter and 3mw/6mw/9mw pad-mounted transformer series solutions for large-scale power plants also attracted wide attention. the following features constitute the highlights of the products: integrated, convenient, stable, reliable, highly efficient, intelligent, grid support, etc., and are applicable to deserts, water surfaces, and various other application scenarios, providing higher quality services while substantially reducing upfront costs for tbea’s clients.

industrial and commercial pv application on the horizon: multimode and high adaptability

tbea sunoasis’ residential energy-storage system and 8-60kw/110kw/150kw full-series pv solutions targeting the european industrial and commercial pv market made their debut during the exhibition. the solutions aim at satisfying diverse demands of tbea’s clients in corresponding scenarios, which shows tbea’s all-encompassing business footprints and has garnered wide attention among participants for consultation and business matching. the products can match two types of pv modules simultaneously, adapt to larger roofs, support pv/inverter ratio of over 1.5 times, and possess an overload output capacity of 1.1 times, effectively enhancing power generation capacity and reducing both equipment and system costs. coupled with the intelligent remote monitoring and maintenance functions, operation and maintenance efficiency is effectively enhanced, creating a complete, all-in-one “pv battery storage charging station” solution for users.

intelligent string liquid-cooled energy storage system: safe, efficient, and friendly

another eye-catcher at tbea's new energy booth this time was tbea sunoasis' brand-new intelligent string liquid-cooled energy storage system. with years of r&d experience in energy storage and a commitment to “ultimate safety, exquisiteness, high efficiency, flexibility and friendliness”, tbea sunoasis has pushed the safety and efficiency of new energy storage to unprecedented new heights.

tbea sunoasis has achieved electrical and physical separation by integrating string pcs and liquid-cooled battery cabinets, coupled with pack level detection, piercing and spraying fire suppression, ensuring complete  safety of the energy storage system. the single liquid-cooled cabinet allows for flexibility in all dimensions during energy storage system operation, while the string design and liquid-cooled temperature control method improve the discharge capacity of the energy storage system and reduce lcos by more than 20%, achieving efficient system operation and bringing a more outstanding service experience for users.

at this exhibition, tbea sunoasis' intelligent statcom provided solutions to improve the power quality of new power systems. its fast dynamic response for reactive power output can suppress voltage fluctuations and harmonics more efficiently, allowing it to filter out specific harmonic frequencies, improve power grid safety and stability, and generate electricity that is better in quality and higher in volume.

join hands for  a green and win-win future

with the mission of “delivering green energy and creating a better life”, tbea sunoasis has already helped europe build many high-quality pv power stations. for example, bulgarian market’s second 25mw large-scale ground-mounted pv power station has been operating steadily for four consecutive years, largely attributable to the integrated boost inverters provided by tbea. moreover, the coastal city cascais of portugal has made huge strides in carbon emissions reduction and energy conservation thanks to  the 48 sets of string inverters that light up the iberian peninsula provided by tbea sunoasis... similar cases like this can be found all over the world.

tbea sunoasis has always put quality front and center in an effort to support the development of the european pv market, one of the leading pv markets in the world. it has made unremitting efforts to drive forward innovation and iteration in technological r&d. going forward, tbea sunoasis will stay committed to the international market, bringing advanced pv technologies and products to our global customers and partners. with the collaborative efforts of all parties, tbea sunoasis will further contribute to global energy transition and bring forth a greener and better future!