flexible equipment for power transmission and distribution

through collecting and analyzing the reactive component and low-order harmonic component, and tbea static reactive power generator controls power implementation device to generate the compensating current that have opposite direction with load reactive current and harmonic current and equal amplitude, and inject into in the grid, so as to achieve the functions of compensating reactive current and filtering harmonics. in addition, provide unbalanced compensation to the three-phase imbalance of load current, eliminate the unbalanced current of system, and achieve the purpose of integrated power quality management.

higher reliability (non-derating operation below less elevation 2000m), lower loss (intelligent start and stop), more excellent performance (excellent resonance suppression and harmonic compensation function, and reliable power grid fault ride-through capability), smaller floor area (floor space reduces by more than 30%), lower system cost (system integrated design and modular maintenance).
parameter range:

voltage range: 3.3kv, 6kv, 10kv, 35kv; capacity range: 1mvar ~ 120mvar whole series high-voltage static var generator products.

technical standards and certifications such as tuv (germany), ce, kema (netherlands), etc.
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