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world first sending-end ±1100kv hv dc converter transformer successively shipped


on jun. 21, the first sending-end ±1100kv converter transformer developed by tbea for the world first ±1100kv changji-guquan uhv dc transmission project is shipped from the tbea xinjiang changji ±1100kv uhv production base.
ready to go
first sending-end ±1100kv converter transformer for changji-guquan uhv dc transmission project
it is told that this device has successfully completed for trial production on may 26 in tbea ±1100kv uhv production base and passed all tests in one time with all performance indices superior than requirements in technical agreement. it opens a new era for world uhv transmission technology development and this project will lead world energy creation into a new era.
as we known that the changji-guquan ±1100kv uhv dc transmission project is a world uhv transmission project with maximal voltage level, highest transmission capacity, longest transmission distance and most advanced technology. the hv dc transmission features high transmission capacity, low loss, no need of synchronous operation of dual-side ac system and minor loss against power grid in case of failure. it is especially suitable for long distance point-to-point high power transmission. as the base of this uhv project, the most important core equipment for changji converter station is the converter transformer. for this reason, the safe delivery and operation of product is crucial for the project to obtain power generation gains.
ready to go and make final careful inspection
ready to go​
appreciating for hard work of ±1100kv converter transformer manufacturing workers  
tbea has invested to build the world largest national uhv engineering technical research center with cutting-edge equipment, and the ±1100kv transformer r&d production base in a high quality and standard way in project planning stage. in may 2016, depending on its first class scientific and technological creation capability and significant engineering performance, it wins the bid of state grid changji-guquan ±1100kv uhv dc project to supply all 14 sets of high end converter transformer to changji station. in oct. 2017, the manufacturing of project products was fully commenced.
li daguang, the supervision representative of state grid expressing congratulations to tbea
li daguang, the supervision representative of state grid, expresses hearty congratulations for tbea to achieve success in one time trial production of ±1100kv converter transformer and smoothly shipping. he said this product was first appeared in china with many unknown difficulties to overcome, and tbea provided delicate design, careful organization and control during manufacturing and all production processes are under its control. he, on behalf of leader of state grid, really appreciated for the support and efforts of tbea and workers on the site to the first product, every performance parameter of which could ideally satisfy with technical agreement and even be higher than national standard, and also wish every subsequent product could pass all tests in one-time again.
zhang xin, secretary of cpc committee and president of tbea making speech on shipping ceremony
zhang xin, secretary of cpc committee and president of tbea, said that this project is the second uhv transmission project for “xinjiang power transmission program” and also the new milestone in world energy history. it would be great significance of promoting xinjiang energy base development, making sure of reliable electric power supply of east china area, boosting economic growth and achieving green development purpose. at the same time, it played the role of demonstration for pushing forward intercontinental interconnection and building global energy interconnecting network. he said “tbea assumes the manufacturing task of products for national important and key project, and shoulders the honorable ambition to revitalize national industry, energy revolution and pioneering creation. this one-time test success of world first high level product by local enterprise of xinjiang shows the capability of new xinjiang and helps build new image of xinjiang, which could make new contribution for social stability and long term security goal of xinjiang. this success is also the gift for the 40th year of opening and reform policy implementation and the 97th anniversaries of cpc, we are endeavoring to make contribution for the great rejuvenation of our motherland and achievement of greater china.”
wang jian, the chief engineer of project, making introduction on product
wang jian, the chief engineer of project, explains that “this product, as the first product in the world, has higher voltage, large single unit capacity, high technical and production difficulty, less production period, tough work and very strict on manufacturing environment and processing quality. this is a vital work for tbea and we set up the goal of “one-time test success, one-time operation success and long term operation safety. as a result, we strictly carry out the spirit of “further strict, more careful, double cautions and keep improving” to make scientific top level planning, mobilize the national advantageous resources, establish technical difficulty overcoming team and special supervision team to make control over the full process of production. these efforts are to accomplish the all-round guarantee in respect of personnel, equipment and process. this is a 33m long, 12m wide and 18.5m high product with single unit capacity of 607500kva, 20% higher than currently world highest transmission capacity. in the ex-factory test, all indices including temperature rise and partial discharge are all superior than technical agreement and national standard, winning fully recognition of client.  the residual 13 equipment are all under manufacturing and will be delivered to project site successively to ensure the project operation in the end of this year.”
successfully delivered and running on the highway