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tbea independently develops special cables for aircraft


the first order has been placed with tbea deyang cable co., ltd. (tbea deyang) for its independently developed new mid-frequency reel-charging cable. ending the prolonged reliance on imports, the product is expected to consolidate the image of “made in china” on aircraft transmission cables!
on april 17, in a plant of tbea deyang, wrist-sized bright red cables were rolling off a production line. attending workers were busy coiling them up in an orderly manner.
"this is the new mid-frequency reel-charging cable for use in aircraft. now it is going through the last process. not long ago, we have won the first order for it,” liu yonghong the technical expert told the reporter as he oversaw production from beside a machine.
however, the development of this cable has not been easy. liu yonghong told the reporter that previously china had to rely on imports, because as the connecting wire for transmitting electric power to the aircraft it involved complicated technology in manufacturing and harsh conditions in actual use. its development was not easy for tbea cable. its 400hz frequency meant inductive reactance 8 times that of 50hz common power source in the cable circuit; the control core was fragile and breakable, while the production involves more than 20 processes.
those seemingly simple process data evolved into one challenge after another for the production line. after six consecutive program updates and trial production over nearly one year, tbea cable finally developed the mid-frequency reel-charging cable for aircraft, drawing on its study of the special structural design for cables and tensile performance. the innovative features have earned the product a number of invention patents and utility model patents, which have culminated in a third prize for china machinery industry science and technology award.
the breakthrough in special mid-frequency reel-charging cables for aircraft will not only greatly increase tbea's capacity for high value-added products, but also constitute a solid step for it in the commercialization of aviation cables. it will brand aircraft transmission cables with the mark of "made in china."