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tbea again wins special prize of the national science and technology progress award


on the morning of january 8, the “±800 kv uhv dc transmission project” partially built by tbea was awarded the special prize of the 2017 national science and technology progress award at the national science award conference held in beijing. it was the second time for tbea to win the highest domestic honor in science and technology after 2012.
the ±800 kv uhv dc transmission technology is currently the world's most advanced commercially available power transmission technology with the highest voltage, the largest transmission capacity and the longest transmission distance. it is the core technology for solving the problem of reverse distribution of energy and power loads in china and for implementing the national strategy of “west-to-east power transmission.” without precedence either at home or abroad, it is highly innovative and extremely difficult. the ±800 kv uhv dc transmission project is the one of its kind independently developed, designed and built by china. tbea participated in the project as a key enterprise for developing and manufacturing the high-end ±800 kv converter transformers, one of its core products.