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completion of the first sino-tajikistan friendship school donated by tbea


emomali rakhmon, the president of tajikistan, attended the ceremony for completion and praised the sino-tajikistan friendship school as an important base for the ever-lasting friendship between the two nations.
four sino-tajikistan friendship schools were built up following the most advanced modern standards of tajikistan. the schools can take more than 3,000 local students for admission at one time after completion.
on august 30th 2016, the first sino-tajikistan friendship school donated by chinese enterprise was completed and put into operation in the capital, dushanbe. currently, the number of sino-tajikistan friendship schools donated by tbea in tajikistan reaches 4.emomali rakhmon, president of tajikistan, attended the ceremony for completion of school and gave a speech. he said: “at this time, as a witness of history with you all, i witness the completion of this new and modern sino-tajikistan friendship school in  district of the capital. with this opportunity, let me congratulate all the teachers, students and their parents of this school, and express my heartfelt thanks to our friendly neighbor-china, and chinese enterprise tbea who financed the construction of this school.”
 in the last decade, tbea has been continuously participating in tajikistan’s national energy construction, and has already completed five national key projects of the country. the projects help tajikistan form its independent and completed power system and provide reliable guarantee for the power and heat supply of dushanbe area. adhering to the concept of “creating fine work and establishing a monument by building a project”, tbea never forgets its social responsibilities as an international enterprise. it actively participates in the local social public welfare services while providing the world’s energy business with green and technological, intelligent and environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient high-tech and high value-added products and services. the total campus areas of the four sino-tajikistan friendship schools reach 120,000 square meters and the total construction areas reach 28,000 square meters. each school is equipped with the most advanced teaching facilities of the country, including main teaching buildings, standard and professional classrooms, library, gymnasium and large event hall. a variety of playgrounds such as racetrack, football court, basketball court, volleyball court and tennis court are also available.
the four sino-tajikistan friendship schools with advanced teaching facilities and high level of modernization will provide modern and comprehensive teaching places integrating education and teaching, interests cultivation, labor training, health care, daily living and big event for the youth of tajikistan. the schools will play important roles in the national education plan and teaching work, improve the educational infrastructure facilities and become the cradle of modern talents for tajikistan.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             —— miribo bogaev, administrative vice minister of ministry of science and education of tajikistan .
having worked in many schools before, i’ve never seen such beautiful and advanced campus sports field and modern sports facilities. i feel very proud of being working in such high-standard school and hope to cultivate new olympic champions of tajikistan here. i want to tell chinese brothers- thank you very much for your profound friendship to the people of tajikistan.
——okin nayef, a teacher of sino-tajikistan friendship school in avicenna district, dushanbe.
 founded in 1973, the previous school of guru buda could only accept 480 students for education at one time. since there are more than 3500 school-age children nearby, the school had to arrange lessons for students in turn, which seriously affected the education quality. but now, tbea is building a modern school with completed facilities for us. it can be expected that the teaching scale may be multiplied to meet the demands of children for education. we see actual hopes, as columns of reinforced concrete pillars rising from the ground every day. and all teachers and students are very happy. we believe that the new school will be a proof and bridge for the relationship between the two countries.
——s. lazapova, principal of guru buda in ferdowsi district
 my two daughters were luckily enrolled in the sino-tajikistan friendship school, in grade six, which realized the long expected dream of my whole family. chinese enterprises built up such good schools for our kids. we are very grateful for them and for china. i hope that our children can study hard and strive to become talents, so that they could work in the embassy in china and act as the goodwill ambassadors between the two countries.
——miera sheyewa, resident of no. 104 community, avicenna district
 now, the dream has come true. i will study hard and especially learn chinese well, so as to work in china in the future, and take my mother and my family to visit  beijing.
 ——hedda zukolo, pupil of grade six admitted by 104 school