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mongolia awards the highest honor to tbea!


on december 23, 2019, the highest award in mongolia's energy field- mongolia energy construction quality engineering award, was granted to tbea. the ulan bator-mandalgovi 330kv power transmission and distribution project built by tbea in mongolia was the only award-winning project this year.
the leader of mongolian energy ministry presents the award to tbea.
on december 25, 2019, mongolia energy development center also granted tbea the honor of “best general contractor”.
the ulan bator-mandalgovi 330kv power transmission and distribution project carried the ardent expectations of the top leaders of mongolia and china. on june 21, 2017, the construction of the project with the highest voltage level in mongolia undertaken by tbea officially started. on october 7, 2019, mandalgovi substation was successfully put into operation with load after more than 2 years of intensive construction, and the completion ceremony of the project was held on october 18, 2019.
with the completion of the ulan bator-mandalgovi 330kv power transmission and distribution project, it effectively solves the problem of short power supply in the southern gobi region of mongolia so that more than 1.5 million people in mongolia's capital ulan bator and along the line of the project have access to reliable power supply. during the construction of the project, the svc device was also used for the first time. tbea provided practical trainings for the power grid operation and maintenance personnel of mongolia to help them master the expertise of solving technical issues such as inadequate reactive power compensation capacity and unreasonable configuration existing in the construction and operation of the grid for a long term.
the ulan bator-mandalgovi 330kv power transmission and distribution project won the high recognition of the mongolian government because its high quality and high efficiency. the energy ministry of mongolia congratulated tbea on winning the award and thanked it for its outstanding contribution to mongolia's energy and power development. it hoped that tbea would continue playing an important role in mongolia's energy and power construction and continue building follow-up projects based on high quality standards by adhering to the concept of "building all projects into quality ones and monuments for the industry".
tbea also undertook the 50mw expansion project of choibalsan power plant in dornod province of mongolia, which is also highly valued by the governments of china and mongolia. the construction of the project started on november 8, 2019. upon completion, the project will solve the problem of short power supply in eastern mongolia, maintain the safe and stable operation of the power grid there, and provide necessary guarantee for advancing the development of local mineral resources, meeting the electricity demand of 26,300 local households and promoting the local economic and social development.
by upholding its “advanced, reliable, fine and reliable” service concept, tbea will try its best to support mongolia's economic and social development and is willing to provide first-class products and system integration technology solutions for the energy and power development of mongolia, east asia and the rest of the world. tbea will always adhere to the principle of “co-consulting, co-construction and sharing” and the win-win principle to bring high quality electrical power engineering and services to the countries along the routes of the "belt and road initiative” and act as the “angel of light” on the routes of the “belt and road initiative”.