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tbea yunji 5g technology industrial park completed and put into operation


compared with the traditional manufacturing
what are the "novel features" of the emerging manufacturing industry?
ai, big data, intelligent manufacturing
new idea, new model, new quality
5g based, integrated into new infrastructures
on 3rd november, the "three centralized” activity, namely centralized contract, centralized start, centralized completion, was launched in hengnan county. deng qunce, municipal party secretary of hengyang city, announced "tbea yunji 5g technology industrial park is completed and put into production”, thus officially unveiling the mysterious digital "lighthouse industrial park" in hengyang as well as in hunan province, and visually presenting china's emerging manufacturing industry.
standing at a new starting line to create new achievements
zhong yanmin, party secretary and general manager of tbea hengyang transformer co., ltd., said in his speech that “from the initial stage of preparation to completion, this project has received extensive attention and support from the society. we will live up to the great trust and mission, make new achievements based on the new starting line."
according to zhong yanmin, tbea yunji 5g science and technology industrial park project was planned to cover 1000 mu (66.67 hectares) of land, and would be constructed in two phases. in the 1st phase, a gis intelligent plant and an intelligent plant for high-end distribution network equipment covering an area of 100,000 square meters have been built. it is expected to realize an annual output of 4 billion yuan when the design capacity is reached.
in the 2nd phase, the investment plan is to attract business and enterprises to the park, introduce external investment to support the industrial park, extend the upstream and downstream industrial chain, thus to build a power transmission and distribution industry cluster, and strive to build an industrial park with the total output of tens of billions yuan.
the amazing "new infrastructure" core
after the launch ceremony, more than 400 leaders as well as representatives of merchants visited tbea yunji 5g technology industrial park. they were amazed by its leading domestic "new infrastructure" core when they got a deep understanding of the production area.
deng qunce visit the automatic sheet metal processing production line
deng qunce highly praised the "intelligent manufacturing" level of tbea yunji 5g science and technology industrial park. he said that yunji 5g science and technology industrial park is like a "lighthouse" for the integration and upgrading of digital industry in hengyang city and even in hunan province, so that the seeds of "new infrastructure" can take root and germinate in this fertile industrial land of hengyang. this park has further consolidated the foundation for the high-quality development of the power transmission and distribution industry cluster, injected new energy into hengyang's implementation of the "one body, two wings" strategy. meanwhile, it accelerated the construction of provincial sub central city, the most beautiful prefecture level city, and a strong modern industry city, solidly promoted the plan of revitalizing the real economy and industrial growth. hengyang municipal party committee and government as well as hengnan county party committee and county government should grasp the development opportunity of digital industry upgrading, act as the "server" and "promoter" for introducing supporting industries and improving the service facilities in the park, and ensure the fulfillment of phase ii.
100 sets of automation equipment to boost "intelligent manufacturing"
yunji 5g industrial park now has two plants,i.e. gis intelligent plant of tbea yunji high voltage switchgear co., ltd., and high-end distribution network intelligent plant of tbea yunji electric co., ltd.
gis intelligent plant of tbea yunji high voltage switchgear co., ltd.
the high-end distribution network intelligent plant of tbea yunji electric co., ltd.
more than 100 sets of world’s leading digital and intelligent equipment have been installed and put into operation.
automatic welding equipment
the welding equipment was jointly developed and manufactured with the military enterprises, which is the world’s first set to realize full automation of loading and spot welding.
automatic spraying production line
the automatic spraying production line realizes automatic spraying through high temperature curing, and the material utilization rate can reach more than 95%
automatic copper bar processing production line
the copper bar production line is controlled by erp and mes to share information, exchange production instructions and manage production. it can realize the transfer between each process, such as im-warehousing, ex-warehouse, punching /cutting/embossing, laser coding, fillet milling, bending, heat shrinkable tube piercing, drying, film slitting, blanking and so forth.
intelligent warehousing and logistics
the intelligent storage, sorting, preparation and distribution of materials in the general assembly workshop are realized through automation equipment, intelligent control software and intelligent identification system.
3d imaging automatic detection line
the 3d laser scanning automatic detection line is widely used in aircraft manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industries. it is customized on the basis of fully absorbing the application experience of the industry and combining with the structural characteristics of high-voltage switchgear parts, which is the first in the 3d dimension detection industry.
sf6 intelligent gas station
the gas station is composed of central station building, sub workstation, gas supply pipeline, control system and other parts. the central station is equipped in the main station building to realize gas liquefaction & purification, and gas-liquid storage. the sub workstation is equipped in the assembly site to connect the product interval and semi-finished product module to realize the vacuum, inflation and gas return operation of products. the real-time information exchange in the operation process is realized based on scada system.