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tbea transformers for pumped storage application help produce net-zero energy


       on april 26, jilin dunhua pumped storage power plant, equipped with 4 sets of ssp-420000/500 main transformers developed by tbea hengyang transformer co., ltd., was put into full operation. this is the largest pumped storage power plant in jilin province, and its operation plays an important role in enhancing the stability of the northeastern power grid, clean energy consumption, and the supply of electricity.
       as the largest pumped storage plant in operation in northeastern china, dunhua power plant can store more than 5 billion kwh of clean energy per year. it means that 450,000 tons of standard coal are saved and that carbon emissions are reduced by 870,000 tons each year, which makes great contribution to energy-saving and carbon emission reduction.
       since the first unit of dunhua power station was put into operation in june 2021, the four units have started 2,073 times, and generated 975 million kwh of hydropower with 1,285 million kwh of energy used to pump the water up..
     this means that the four extremely large capacity transformer for the pumped storage applications developed by tbea hengyang transformer co., ltd have experienced 2,073 starts and stops. they withstand the full-load impact of pumping water and generating electricity twice a day, and long-term alternating hot and cold working conditions.
      in the power plant, if electricity is compared to "blood", and the main transformer can be regarded as the "heart" that provides kinetic energy to the "blood" circulation.
      the "heart" of the pumped storage power plant - pumped storage transformer, which can realize the sudden start and stop to start and operate with load immediately, stop immediately into the no-load operation state to withstand multiple start and stop conditions in a day.
        extra-high-capacity pumped storage transformer is a grid-friendly transformer used in pumped storage power plant, developed for clean power. due to the dispersive and intermittent characteristics of new energy sources such as wind energy, hydropower and solar energy, and the traditional hydropower plant is always in operation, the generated electric energy will be wasted if it is not used in time. in addition to generating electricity, the pumped storage power plant can also store the energy. when the power grid needs to convert the stored energy into electric energy, the power plant can effectively avoid the waste of power.
       the extra-high-capacity pumped storage transformer can work flexibly according to the operating state of the power plant system, improve the green energy use efficiency, and adapt to the sudden start and stop of the pumped storage plant. however, it requires the transformer to have the ability to withstand overvoltage caused by frequent switching and short circuit, which is very demanding for the performance of the transformer.
        the transformer for the pumped storage application is not only the "heart" of pumped storage plant, but also an important port for the "peak shaving and valley filling" of the power station. when the power consumption of the power grid peaks, the transformer will boost the power from 18kv to 500kv and transmit it to the power grid to light up thousands of households. when the power consumption of the power grid is at a low point, the transformer depressurizes the power grid 500kv to 18kv and starts the motor pumped storage to absorb excess power.
       the transformer for the pumped storage application developed by tbea hengyang transformer co., ltd. for dunhua project has the characteristics of low loss, low partial discharge and large insulation. the output rate of electric energy efficiency reaches 99.73%, and the loss is reduced by 0.03% compared with conventional products (check this figure again, if the product loss is 1000kw, the loss is reduced by 0.03%, only 0.3kw, which can be basically ignored for such a large product), and about 2000 tons of standard coal are saved a year. the products of this project have applied for one invention patent and obtained two authorized utility model patents.
        tbea hengyang transformer co., ltd has mature product r & d and manufacturing capabilities in the field of pumped storage, and has gradually developed into a leader in the pumped storage market, with a market share of more than 70%. the world's largest 500kv/480mw pumped storage transformer independently developed was successfully put into operation in qingyuan pumped storage power station in guangdong province. the company has undertaken a series of scientific and technological research tasks of major pumped storage projects, such as the first pumped storage power station in hunan, the first large-scale pumped storage power station in jiangxi province, the backbone peak shaving power supply of east china power grid, and anhui xiangshuijian pumped storage power station, and has made important contributions to the development of clean energy in china.