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tbea tianjin builds a new ecology with green and low-carbon circular economy industrial chains


jinbinnet: (reporter: shan yi, zhu shaoxiang and wang dingxin) “the 14th five-year plan” period (2021-2025) is the critical period and opportunity period for carbon peaking. facing the new situation and new tasks, tbea tianjin transformer co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "tbea tianjin"), based on the national goals of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” and the advantages of tianjin's resource endowment, firmly grasps the opportunities of new energy development, accelerates the market structure adjustment, creates combination products for different renewable energy power generation scenario, such as sea, land, gobi and desert, and completes the research and development of the whole series of products, to put them on the market successively at the fastest speed. up to now, the company has supplied more than 3,000 units of green energy-saving transformers, including the, to the east china coastal area and the northeast china, forming a new ecology with green and low-carbon circular economy industrial chains.
as a clean and renewable energy, wind power is developing rapidly around the world. to meet the market demand, tbea tianjin organized a research team to conduct special research and development, and has developed a dry-type transformer in wind turbine cabin to improve the overall reliability and economy of power transmission and save investment cost. it has the advantages of boosting pressure for transmission, reducing tower load and the loss of transmission cables. it has passed the italian cesi vibration test and the spanish lcoe commissioning test with stringent requirements and obtained the german tuv certificate, and meets the energy efficiency index of the latest eu standard issued in july 2021, so it can ensure long-term safe and reliable operation. the development of the dry-type transformer in wind turbine cabin tackles problems in core technological research that hinder the china's development, solves the problem of china's difficulty in mastering the core technology, and helps to fully replace imported products.
the water-cooled transformer in wind vane tower barrel is another flagship product developed by tbea tianjin for the operating environment of high humidity and high salt density at sea. the product is a transformer built into a wind vane tower barrel with fully enclosed shell protection, dissipating heat to the outside through a water-cooled radiator; meanwhile, it is designed to reduce the overall volume of the transformer, improve the transmission reliability and save post-maintenance costs. the water-cooled transformer in wind vane tower barrel meets the marine c5h anti-corrosion requirements, widely used in mainstream wind turbines of 6 to 8 mw.
in addition, photovoltaic power box contravariant aio machine developed by tbea tianjin is highly intelligent and can be used in complex and changeable working environments, providing customers with energy-saving, carbon-reducing and intelligent solutions. the equipment has high mechanical strength, is flame-retardant, moisture-proof and sand-proof, and can fully adapt to complex external environments. moreover, the product also has integrated step-up transformer and inverter, both improving safety and reliability and saving more than 15% of costs.
in order to guarantee green electrical energy storage, tbea tianjin has developed the energy storage box contravariant aio machine integrating transformer, high-low voltage distribution cabinet, converter and other components, featured with large capacity, high integration and convenient on-site construction. high-grade dustproof design provides a good barrier against wind and sand, and unique ventilation and heat dissipation system design enables users to finely control the temperature of the cabinet, improving the operation stability of the product. the overall technical indexes are at the domestic advanced level.
tbea tianjin has won titles of national "little giant" enterprise specializing in niche sectors, national green factory, tianjin single manufacturing champion enterprise, etc. since tbea tianjin settled in tianjin port free trade zone in 2009, it has made continuous progress and fruitful achievements, and has now become a national backbone enterprise in the dry-type transformer industry. nourished by the excellent business environment and nutritious soil, tbea tianjin continues to increase its investment in the tianjin port free trade zone, focuses on the national goals of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” as well as the need for development and construction of new energy, smart grid and smart city, and takes the integration of design and manufacturing, integration of warehousing, logistics and distribution and integration of quality standards, testing and control as the main lines, so as to build a digital demonstration factory with integration of information technology and automation and achieve the end-to-end process management from design, production to service as well as networked and intelligent manufacturing equipped with the cyber-physical system. with all the efforts above, while promoting the high-quality development of the tianjin port free trade zone, tbea tianjin can better serve the national goals of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” and contribute to green development.
in recent years, the tianjin port free trade zone has been actively implementing national green development policies, continuously improving the green manufacturing system and making the practice of regional green governance and the promotion of green development of enterprises as a top priority while enhancing manufacturing capabilities. in the future, the tianjin port free trade zone will continue to build a green manufacturing system with goals of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” as the guideline, actively promote the deep integration of new technologies and models, such as the internet and artificial intelligence, with various fields of economy and society while seizing the opportunity of digital economy development, and give full play to the role of data integration and empowerment platforms in promoting the digital transformation of industries, so as to show the role of the free trade zone in building a new pattern of digital development in tianjin. (photos provided by tbea tianjin)
source: jinbinnet   editor: bai lu