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green power of tbea zhangbei team contributed to the olympic winter games


“the warmth of zhangbei lights up beijing”. over the past few days, the front-line staff of the zhangbei project team of tbea co., ltd. has been sticking to their posts and competing for time to ensure power generation, fully guaranteeing the green power supply for the olympic winter games . 
zhangjiakou is a national million kw-level wind energy construction base. tbea has undertaken the construction works of the 100 mw wind power grid parity demonstration project in zhangbei county of zhangjiakou city and the 100 mw wind power project of zhangjiakou new energy research and development, testing and certification center.
the first and second phases of the 100 mw wind power grid parity demonstration project in zhangbei county were started on march 27 and may 5, 2021 respectively. on december 14, 2021, the first unit was successfully connected to the grid for power generation. up to now, it has continued to supply power safely, with a cumulative power generation capacity of 31,059,445 kwh, realizing 100% use of clean energy for power supply for the first time in the history of the olympic games.
 “the project’s grid-connected power generation ensures the transmission of green electric power from zhangjiakou to the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and the three venues of the olympic winter games. by merging the project into the zhangbei voltage source converter based high voltage direct current (vsc-hvdc) transmission project, the integration of vsc-hvdc transmission technology with new equipment technology has been achieved, making it the world’s first dc power system with the grid characteristic.” ji zhimeng, electrical engineer of tbea xinjiang sunoasis co., ltd., said.
huo tiema, project manager of tbea xinjiang sunoasis co., ltd., introduced that according to the development trend of single unit capacity, zhangbei project adopts the current mainstream 4.5 mw and 4.8 mw units. at present, the project has realized full capacity grid-connected power generation, and all electrical equipment has entered the 240-hour trial run stage.
after the tbea zhangbei project is connected to the grid, the average annual power generation capacity will reach 500 million kwh, saving 88,600 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 240,600 tons per year.
in addition, tbea has also undertook the development of the ± 500kv core products of kangbao station at the power transmission terminal of the ± 500kv zhangbei vsc-hvdc transmission demonstration project, the world's first vsc-hvdc power grid project; besides, tbea is responsible for the provision of 500 kv high-voltage cables accessories online monitoring service and other products as well as integrated solutions for the 500 kv pumped storage power station in fengning, hebei, ensuring the successful one-time reverse power transmission of the project and the successful completion of interconnection with the fengning converter station at the regulating terminal of the ±500 kv zhangbei vsc-hvdc power grid project, so that the electricity safety of the olympic winter games and the paralympic winter games can be fully guaranteed.