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reported by people’s daily | the electric project constructed by tbea in zambia is connected to the grid


as a local enterprise growing up in xinjiang, tbea has expanded its overseas market, driven the export of technology, manufacturing, labor, equipment, and brought more “light and warmth” to the countries and people along the route through the belt and road initiative(bri).
recently, the 330kv main transformer of zambia pensulo transformer substation expansion project by tbea was successfully connected to the grid and put into operation. pensulo transformer substation is a regional power hub in the northeast of the national grid in zambia. after the completion of the project, it will generate sufficient and stable electricity for the industrial park in the northeast of the country and be a reliable guarantee for the local industrial economic development.
as a local enterprise taking off in xinjiang, tbea adheres to the bri and drives the export of technology, manufacturing, labor and equipment by expanding overseas market. relying on the world’s leading technology in green and energy-saving power transmission and distribution, tbea actively gets involved in the co-construction of bri, sharing energy-saving, intelligent and automated power construction technology with the world. tbea’s high-tech products have entered more than 70 countries and regions. it also provides system integration solutions for over 30 countries, benefits countries and people along the bri route and delivers them more “light and warmth”.