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tbea helps china's major water conservancy project generate electricity


at 10 a.m. on november 1, the first unit (unit 1) on the right bank of the datengxia water conservancy project went into operation for electricity generation. the main transformer provided by tbea of the first unit (unit 1) on the right bank of the project generates electricity successfully on its first operation. the operation of the first unit on the right bank marks that the datengxia project will increase the daily production capacity of 4.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

as a key project in guangxi province, the total installed capacity of datengxia power plant on the right bank is 1600mw, including three units on the left bank and five units on the right bank. the three transformers supplied by tbea for the left bank were put into operation successfully in april 2020, winning unanimous recognition.

after the successful operation of the left bank power plant of datengxia, tbea then undertook the research and development of 5 sfp- 240000 /220 main transformers on the right bank of datengxia. in july 2022, the transformer of unit 1 on the right bank was successfully manufactured and its on-site installation was completed at the end of october. the transformer also passed the test in one time.

it is reported that the transformer of datengxia right bank power plant is based on the new energy efficiency standards issued by the state.

no-load loss of one single transformer is reduced by 13kw.

load loss is reduced by 46kw.

it can reduce the power loss by 400,000 kwh per year for the plant.

five transformers can save about 2 million kwh a year.

the datengxia water conservancy project is a landmark project of 172 major water conservancy projects determined by the state council. it is also a key control project in the pearl river basin and the last step of the development of ten hydropower steps in the hongshui river. it is significantly beneficial in flood control, shipping, power generation, water resources allocation and irrigation.

the five units on the right bank are scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2023. by then, the annual generating capacity will reach 6.055 billion kwh, which will provide a strong guarantee for regional power security.