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chinese ambassador to the gambia liu jin inspects the power transmission and distribution project undertaken by tbea


this year marks the 10th anniversary of the belt and road initiative proposed by president xi jinping. during the ongoing national two sessions, the government work report once again emphasized the need to promote high-quality joint construction of the belt and road”. zhang xin, deputy to the national peoples congress, secretary of the party committee and chairman of tbea co., ltd., said in an interview with the media that this year tbea will further expand the international market layout of the belt and road initiative, build more international high-quality projects, and use advanced technology and high-quality services to benefit countries and people along the “belt and road”.

on march 10, liu jin, chinese ambassador to the gambia, inspected the brikama-jaban 225kv power transmission and distribution project in the gambia undertaken by tbea international engineering company.

at the project site, liu jin has a detailed understanding of the status quo of the gambia's power infrastructure, local power generation and transmission development plans, and tbea's overseas market expansion. ambassador liu jin focused on the introduction of the progress of the project.

ambassador liu jin fully affirms tbeas achievements in business expansion in the gambia in recent years. he encourages the company to further take root in the gambia, identify the meeting point between the companys overseas strategy and the development strategy of the gambia's power sector, make a good development plan based on the study of the local market, and give full play to its own technology and management advantages, create high-quality projects, and showcase chinese technology, chinese quality and chinese efficiency to benefit the gambian people. liu jin particularly emphasizes that enterprises should firmly establish the concept of safe production, increase awareness of risk prevention, strengthen bottom-line thinking, continuously strengthen compliance management and safety production management, and ensure the safety of overseas projects and personnel.

this year tbea will conduct in-depth research on national policies to comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of international business. we will grasp the opportunities of economic recovery in various countries in the post-epidemic era, continue to consolidate traditional markets such as africa, southeast asia, and south america, and focus on developing markets such as tanzania, lesotho, and venezuela; take advantage of the opportunity of the first china-arabia summit forum to focus on markets such as saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, and kuwait. moreover, tbea will make more efforts to develop the european market, and deeply explore market opportunities in spain, italy, and the netherlands. at the same time, tbea will also increase education cooperation and peoples livelihood cooperation with the country where the project is located, actively fulfill the corporate social responsibility, practice the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind with practical actions, and tell the chinese story of the belt and road well. tbea will always strive to become a world leading green and smart energy service provider that is trusted by customers with social responsibilities.