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tbea’ s self-developed 110kv intelligent on-load dry-type transformer with the largest capacity in the world was successfully dispatched from factory


on march 21, the world's first largest capacity outdoor intelligent 50000kva/110kv on-load dry-type transformer manufactured by tbea co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as tbea) is shipping from tbea xinjiang power transmission and distribution technology industrial park.

the transformer will be delivered to xinjiang lixin energy co., ltd. jinrun lvyuan daban city 49.5 mw distributed wind power project booster station.

the wind power project is located in daban district, urumqi city, xinjiang, where a 49.5 mw wind power base is under construction. the vertical and horizontal wind turbines complement each other with the snow-capped mountains, showing infinite vitality. since the site of the project is selected as a national secondary water source, lixin energy issued a solicitation order for environmental protection and energy saving projects, and tbea took the lead to carry out collaborative innovation research and development of the industrial chain, making up for the shortcomings of dry-type transformers in the high-voltage field and large capacity. a historic breakthrough has been achieved.

the reporter learned at the delivery site that the transformer is over 9.6 meters in length and 6.3 meters in width, with the height of more than 5 meters and the weight exceeding 160 tons, representing the highest level of the dry-type transformer in the world.

guo yongjun, chief engineer of tbea intelligent electric co., ltd. who is in charge of the project, introduced that it took 6 months for the production of the transformer from design, production, testing to offline distribution, and successfully produced on march 19.. the transformer has passed all tests at one time with more than 20 performance data reaching the international leading level, filling many gaps in the world under the on-site witness of the engineer of national transformer quality supervision and inspection center. it is expected to apply for more than 10 independent intellectual property patent technologies.