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add "new green" again! two tbea companies selected as national green factories


on march 24,the general office of the ministry of industry and information technology announced 2022 green manufacturing list, tbea hunan electric co., ltd. and shihezi zhongjin electrode foil co., ltd., the two companies were listed on 2022 national "green factory".

tbea hunan electric co., ltd. actively promotes the intelligent integration project of the workshop test station on the basis of the transformation of the workshop automation production line. it is the first distribution transformer test station in the industry to realize the automatic test function. the company’s steel consumption per 10,000 yuan of industrial added value is far lower than the benchmark value of the “mechanical industry clean production evaluation index system”, reaching the advanced level in the industry.  the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste reached 97.72%, which is at the leading level in the industry. the reuse rate of production water in the whole plant reached 100%, which is at the leading level in the industry.

the company has successively implemented a series of projects such as changing the commuter shuttle bus for employees to trams, building charging piles, mes manufacturing execution projects, distribution intelligent integrated test station projects, and green lighting to reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions, and gradually realizes green production. in recent years, their self-developed products such as synthetic ester oil transformers for offshore wind power towers have broken the monopoly of foreign technology, realized the localization of core technologies in the field of offshore wind power equipment manufacturing, and contributed to the rapid development of my country’s offshore wind power.

shihezi zhongjin electrode foil co., ltd. is a company in tbea’s new material industry sector that specializes in the production, research and development, and sales of medium and high-voltage electrode foil electronic component raw materials. adhering to the green and intelligent manufacturing concept of tbea, in recent years, the company has continuously optimized its production process and improved energy utilization efficiency. greenness and energy saving are fully reflected in plant design, equipment procurement, process manufacturing process and product delivery process. especially in the production process, they adopted technical measures for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, such as production water and acid recycling, to achieve 100% recovery of phosphoric acid and create a modern green production base.

”green factory” is the core support unit of the national green manufacturing system. up to now, 11 enterprises of tbea have won the title of national “green factory”. tbea will continue to practice the concept of green development, promote the development of “high-end, intelligent and green” manufacturing industry, actively play the leading role of the national “green factory” demonstration, continuously improve production efficiency, achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, and deeply cultivate new industries. in the development and application of energy technology, vigorously research and develop new technologies and products for energy conservation and environmental protection, and contribute tbea’s technology and wisdom to the country’s early realization of the “dual carbon” goals.