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professional training opportunities by tbea


“we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to tbea for providing our trainees with this learning opportunity which helps them to improve their knowledge and skills in their professional fields. i do hope that they can put what they have learnt into their future work and contribute themselves to the smooth running of the power plant,” said bricout muluofu.jamiele, the executive manager of bishkek thermal power plant project center, on dec.21, 2016.
on that day, the closing ceremony of bishkek thermal power plant training of kyrgyzstan, which was the second term of training, was held to celebrate the smooth completion of training for 69 trainees who were from power plant operation in the fields of boiler, steam engine, electric, chemistry, coal transport and thermal control.
with years of international cooperation experience, tbea, the service provider for global energy business system solutions, has set up a series of internationally compatible personnel training systems. it also provides professional trainings in operation and maintenance for the clients while sharing the advanced electric power skill to countries along “the belt and road”.
the lecturers in each field adopted the teaching method of integrating theory and practice during this term of training, with long training time, rich content and broad coverage. the trainees were all enthusiastic, open-minded and passionate while participating in all kinds of activities during the training. they performed very well in the training, trying their best to learn specialized knowledge and all kinds of materials. during spare time, they queried for materials, went to visit the working site, checked the system, conducted research, discussed with and learned from each other to improve the theory knowledge, professional skills and actual operation knowledge, which helped to set a solid foundation for their future work.
at present, the trainees have already been assigned to the field and were enrolled to operation classes and teams to get familiar with the equipment and systems on site with the guidance of operation & maintenance staffs in tbea. during the pilot run of the whole set of # 2 unit, they have learnt the start-stop operation as well as other daily inspection works. they have truly integrated what they have learnt with practice to accumulate knowledge, conclude experience and improve their skills continuously.
tbea also actively cooperates with the world’s first-class enterprises to build the platform for customers and provide them with more training opportunities. on december 3rd, 2016, tbea sealed the agreement of “sino-german northwestern poly-technical talents training center” with german teutloff institute of technology. according to the agreement, both parties will further realize the sharing resources and complementary advantages and cultivate internationalized operation personnel on the basis of the existing cooperative project.
this program is scheduled to last from 2016 to 2019, with a total of 3 terms and 30-35 trainees in each term, totaling about a hundred internationalization operation management talents. currently, the 35 trainees of the first term are being trained. in later period, the platform of german teutloff institute of technology, german handicraft industry association and german industry and commerce association will be depended to deepen the learning of german manufacturing idea and advanced production management mode through the methods of combining face to face teaching, field trips and on-the-job learning.
it is reported that german teutloff institute of technology is a school of more than 100 years of experiences on vocational education and enterprise on-the-job personnel continuing education. it has been providing training and talent supply for german famous enterprises such as volkswagen, siemens, phoenix, alston and kuka, and so on, with rich experience and mature system in cultivating professional and senior technical personnel.
in the future, sino-german northwestern poly-technical talents training center will complete the construction of the training center in high standard, comprehensively introduce the german industrial talent training system and curriculum and enlarge the introduction and training of teachers. based on this training center, tbea will continuously carry out industry cooperation in energy field with countries along “the belt and road”, providing more industrial talent training opportunities for the project-host countries.
zhang xin, chairman of tbea, indicated that they hope to further open internationalized talents cultivation channels through cooperation, recruit social elites and professionals from the countries along “the belt and road”, to tbea to get trained, carry out all kinds of techniques and skills training, thus to cultivate high-quality enterprise technology and management talents step by step in a planned way.