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prime minister of tajikistan: “tbea gave a pleasant surprise to tajikistan government and people.”


● the project is an important livelihood one for tajikistan, and has drawn great attention from the government. the prime minister, kokhir rasulzoda, has visited the project site for inspections together with the government delegation several times, and vigorously praised the progress of construction of the power plant.
 on august 13, 2016, tajikistan prime minister kokhir rasulzoda led the government delegation to the construction site of phase ii project for inspection, and conducted an in-depth conversation regarding the power plant construction work in the plant office.
 august 31 is the planned date for dushanbe no.2 thermal power plant phase ii project unit # 3 to connect to the grid and generate power, and its construction has attracted high attention from two governments. mr. kokhir rasulzoda even went to inspect the preparatory work of unit # 3 before connecting to the grid, and carefully investigated the construction of main equipment.
 through field visits and a detailed comparison with construction plans, kokhir rasulzoda highly commended the progress of phase ii project. in the discussion, mr. kokhir rasulzoda said that tbea can achieve milestones of major goals in a short term, which is amazing for the government and people of tajikistan.
 kokhir rasulzoda said that the construction of phase ii project is more than power plants. the outside coal yards and urban heat network construction are also important parts. he hoped that tbea can overcome all kinds of difficulties, make a vigorous effort to accelerate the construction of two units and urban heat network, and strive to achieve the project target of grid connection and power generation sooner, so as to make sure that the warmth will be delivered to dushanbe residents before the arrival of 2016 winter.
in the discussion, tbea representatives made a commitment: tbea  always guarantees the safety and quality of construction, and will spare no effort to complete tasks as expected by the government and people of tajikistan.