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tbea is willing to do “four services” for silk road energy cooperation


● during the forum, more than 110 foreign and chinese guests had extensive exchanges and discussion around the theme “discussing together, constructing together, and enjoying together - to push forward the energy infrastructure construction of all countries along the silk road economic belt and enhance the interconnection and capacity cooperation” and shared successful experiences to stimulate practical cooperation.and reach important consensus .
● during the forum, foreign and chinese guests gathered and had wide and in-depth dialogues, communications and discussions centered on special topics such as building interconnection together, construction and investment & financing of power, petrochemical and energy field, etc., improved understandings between each other.
during on august 9th to 11th, 2016, zhang xin, chairman of tbea, expressed in the xinjiang karamay forum  in terms of the participation in cooperation between countries along the silk road in energy field , that tbea would like to provide  four services, namely the service for sharing the world’s leading technology, providing the best investment and financing solutions, cultivating local talents, and providing various of energy solutions. 
the “sub-forum of energy cooperation” is one of the important sub-forums set under xinjiang karamay silk road economic belt forum (2016).
foreign and chinese guests participating in the energy cooperation forum were all from the government, consulting organization and well-known enterprisesfrom countries along the silk road. during the forum, 27 officers from chinese and foreign government, energy experts and scholars of scientific research institute, energy enterprises of petroleum, electric power, mineral and equipment manufacturing, as well as representatives of investment and financial institution delivered keynote speeches, introduced energy development experience and shared cooperation cases with attendants.  
representatives participating in the forum reached consensus that the investment and construction of global power and energy which kept growing need the government of each countries to actively create policy and environment of encouraging investment. each government, financial institution, enterprise and other shareholders shall enhance the cooperation, innovate the execution mode of project, and stimulate the development of power and energy industries.
attendants gave positive responses and had strong intent to contact, communicate, discuss and cooperate with tbea. muhammad talha mahmood, pakistan senator and board chairman of china-pakistan economic corridor, who knew the project of tbea in pakistan expressed his greatful to tbea for its efforts on the energy construction of pakistan and delivered the best wishes of in-depth cooperation on energy between the two contries. seyed aghazadeh, commercial counsellor of iran embassy in china, said that tbea is welcomed to invest in energy construction in iran, and willing to provide mutual benefit and win-win project. while sun zhuangzhi, secretary general of sco research center of chinese academy of social sciences, said that pushed by “the belt and road” initiative, enterprises as the main body shall play a significant role and make greater contributions to the economic prosperity and social development for countries along the road.    
after the forum, some of chinese and foreign guests were invited to visit tbea to further negotiate and ascertain the cooperation affairs.