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moving forward! tbea at vietnam future energy exhibition


recently, tbea presented its smart photovoltaic solutions, new solutions for reactive power compensation and voltage control at the 5th vietnam future energy show 2022 at adora convention center in ho chi minh city, providing professional solutions for the low-carbon development in vietnam.
as one of the southeast asian countries with the richest reserves of clean energy, vietnam is actively exploring renewable energy development. it is reported that the share of renewable energy in total primary energy sales will reach 32% by 2030 and 44% by 2050, and the pv construction capacity is expected to reach 8,751 mw. in an attempt to contribute to the rapidly developing pv market in vietnam, tbea sunoasis brings intelligent pv solutions, with the properties of high ac/dc ratio, large array, grid friendliness and intelligent operation and maintenance, which attracts on-site exhibitors' attention.
the 1500v string inverter ts360ktl-hv is the focus on the exhibition booth. it boasts a maximum mppt current of 48a and ip66 protection level, which can adapt to various extreme environments; it has passed high and low voltage ride-through certification by scr≥1.2 and thdi≤1%, which can support the grid in extreme grid environments. the solution is equipped with tbea pv string i-v scanning and fault diagnosis system whose accuracy is more than 96% and which has been certified as l4 the industry's highest level. it enables "one-key operation" in the whole process.
as the renewable energy power plant scales up, power quality problems such as power plant output power volatility and grid fluctuation caused by discontinuity are emerging. tbea sunoasis presents statcom with high reliability, low loss, fast response speed and grid friendliness to provide support for power plant voltage reactive power stability solutions.
in the future, tbea will continue to provide customers with high value-added, reliable, environmental-friendly and advanced products and services, and contribute to the construction of a green world.