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tbea's new energy inverters cools down to increase the efficiency in high temperature days


after the summer solstice, the temperature all over the country is getting higher and higher, and the temperature in many places is approaching to 40 degrees celsius. for the power station, the continuous high temperature has a great impact on the power station, which not only affects the overall operation of the pv plant, but also leads to poor internal heat dissipation of the inverter in the case of high ambient temperature, resulting in power down output and affecting power generation.
excellent temperature derating performance improves power generation of power plant
inverter also enters the high-risk period in summer. the gradually increasing temperature is also influencing the stable operation of the inverter, and how to ensure the power generation of the power plant has become one of the most important issues.
tbea's string inverter ts228ktl-hv adopts intelligent heat exchange heat dissipation design to ensure stable power output of 250kw, 228kw and 208kw at the ambient temperature of 30℃, 40℃ and 50c respectively, and has excellent derating output capability, which can adapt to different high temperature scenarios. especially in summer, when the ground temperature of the inverter is generally high at midday with good irradiation, the excellent output power of the inverter can guarantee the power generation of the power plant in the high temperature environment, which can significantly improve the power generation revenue of the power plant and achieve better lcoe.
unique temperature reduction technology extends product life
in the pv power plant system, the continuous high temperature environment will accelerate the loss of sensitive components of the inverter, and the aging speed will be faster than normal, which will lead to damage or even shutdown of the inverter.
ts228ktl-hv string inverter of sunoasis company adopts intelligent air-cooling cooling method to make the temperature rise of lgbt module lower, the life of igbt module longer, and enhance the reliability of igbt.
adopting intelligent air-cooling technology, the internal temperature of the sealed case is lower, and the working environment of heat-generating components such as bus capacitors and relays is better, thus increasing the device life and extending the product life cycle.
for the heat dissipation design of the whole machine, the ts228ktl-hv string inverter uses seven cooling fans on the outside of the machine to dissipate heat, five of which are for the heat sink and two for the inductor. only the fans and heat sink are placed in the external environment, while all other components are placed inside the product case, ensuring the high protection level of ip66.
application case: growing by light, the "green way to open” the desert
the thar desert, the third largest desert in asia, has an average annual rainfall of less than 100 mm and a hot and dry climate.
the 300mw hybrid project pv project in this region adopts tbea sunoasis ts208ktl-hv string inverter, which is equipped with unique cooling technology, enabling the inverter to operate safely and stably even in the dry and hot environment of the thar desert.